Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Meta tags are very important for proper SEO [search engine optimization] of the website or write-up or content .Meta-tag is the heading of source code of the webpage. They play a role in, on-page SEO [search engine optimization] of website. It is very important to put Meta-keywords tag because it is used by many secondary search sites.

A word of caution- Meta keyword tag should never be spammed, because Google looks at spamming as a negative factor while ranking the websites. Thus, it is important and critical to put relevant and relative keywords to the particular explicit page to make it search engine friendly.

Meta keywords have to be unique and special for every particular page .Therefore, it is advised never put the keywords of the whole the whole site in all pages because each page should have different tags with little different keywords.

Meta outline tags also should never be duplicated across multiple pages on particular website because again it is highly negative. Contact US

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