Thursday, March 18, 2010

WP Optimization

WP optimization is very important to get proper ranking and have visibility on search engine. There are many alternates for getting WP optimization. WP optimization improves the performance of the website by providing more ROI [return of investment] .Some of the simple ones are:

Following the blog commenters: very few visitors leave comment on blog maybe only 1 percent of them will leave comment. So it is advisable to follow commentors which increase optimization, since following will be appreciated by them and they can be turned to regular visitors.

Twitter: Twitter is becoming very popular these days with maximum celebrities present on twitter, it has increased its usage.Now, many people read tweets more then their personal emails. With usage of twitter’s applications, any post can be easily announced on twitter and this results in gathering more readers and visitors .Moreover, they feel free to comment on twitter.

Working on related blogs: For any specified keywords, top ranking blogs should be searched and worked upon by posting similar blogs and write-up and then providing link back to them and being part of the community. Contact US

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