Sunday, March 7, 2010

Wordpress SEO Master

Some basic tips which are followed by wordpress SEO master for making wordpress SEO more effective:

Mostly wordpress SEO masters use simple and appropriate design for their wordpress blogs.

Wordpress write up should have a relevant and justified body text, along with clear and big headings for proper optimization.

Generally, it is better to make Wordpress write up look like a site.

Text in wordpress blog should be powerful enough to captivate attention.

It is advisable to keep text on upper side, so visitor doesn’t have to scroll down to read the text. Basic idea is, it should be easily available and visitors waste least time.

If advertisements are not profitable, it is better to remove advertisements.

Articles or posts should be written in such a way so that they are sufficient enough in providing all the details required about that particular topic, so that visitor doesn’t have to search information from other sources.

It is better to write one good article rather than writing few, below satisfactory level articles. Headlines are very important in wordpress SEO .The headlines should contain important keywords or phrases for proper ranking and generate interest, so readers read it and click on it , increasing it’s SERP ranking. Contact US

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