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Icreon Communications is one of the leading software development companies in India. The company has currently more than 350 employers in its development center situated at Noida. Icreon has many departments, SEO is one of them. The SEO department at Icreon is currently having more than 45qualified professionals.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which is a legal technique to position your website on a higher and much more successful spot in search engines. Mostly, SEO is considered as a cost-efficient and more effective way of internet marketing instead of usual advertisements like Google Adwords or buying backlinks.

Enhance your website Power Using SEO Tips and Tricks

The basic technical optimization: simplest stuff, highest rewards

1. Permalinks

2. Optimize your Titles for SEO

3. Optimize your Descriptions

4. Optimize the More text

5. Image Optimization

Template optimization

1. Breadcrumbs

2. Headings

3. Clean up your code

4. Aim for speed

5. Rethink that Sidebar

Advanced technical optimization: preventing duplicate content

1. No index, follow archive pages

2. Disable unnecessary archives

3. Pagination

4. No following unnecessary links

Altering your blog's structure for high rankings

1. Pages instead of posts

2. New wine in an old bottle: use well ranking-posts to rank even better

3. Linking to related posts

Comment optimization: get those readers involved

1. How should you get people to comment?

2. Bond with your commenter’s

3. Keeping people in the conversation

Off site blog SEO

1. Follow your commenter’s

2. Use Twitter

3. Find related blogs, and work them

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